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Solutions to help your animals thrive

At Wild Enrichment we strive to solve common behavioural husbandry problems. We do this by providing services and resources that provide animal care professionals and the facilities they work at, the tools they need to make their behavioural husbandry dreams a reality. Wild Enrichment provides Informative Blog ArticlesComprehensive Consulting Services, and Innovative Custom Built Enrichment Items that will take any behavioural husbandry and enrichment program the next level.

Pro Bono Behavioural Husbandry Consulting

Full-service behavioural husbandry consulting for Zoos, Sanctuaries and Animal Rehabilitation Centres large and small.

Domestic Animal Services

Behavioural Husbandry Consulting and Workshops for Farms and other Domestic Animal Institutions

Our Enrichment

Custom hand built enrichment items to suit a wide variety of animals.

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