Behavioural Husbandry Consulting

" Behavioural husbandry is a continuously evolving and fascinating field of study that is changing the way we view animal care, and should be at the forefront of animal welfare planning. Wild Enrichment helps to take a new or existing behavioural husbandry program and elevate it to the next level. "
Kyle Banton-Jones
Cheif enrichment Officer

How We Do it


Assess the current level of enrichment being delivered by animal care staff and the animals exhibit. Individual strengths and weaknesses in the current plan will be identified in order to identify areas to focus on.

Goal Setting

Based on the current enrichment program, we work closely with staff to set specific and measurable goals that can be put in place with a new enrichment program.


Using the information gathered from the assessment and goal setting phases, we put together a new behavioural husbandry program for specific animals, or the institution as a whole.


We work with animal care staff to effectively implement all aspects of the new plan. From building to daily tracking of enrichment items. We stick around until your goals are not only met, but effectively implemented for future success.

Why choose Wild Enrichment?

We think outside the box

We use a combination of scientific and out of the box thinking to target natural behaviours as well as help bringing the ideas of animal care staff to life.

We work with your team

We work with team members from all levels, including animal care staff and management in order to effectively design a plan to suit the needs of the animals under your care as well as the staff that are going to be implementing it.

We are a one stop shop

Not only does Wild Enrichment redesign your behavioural husbandry program, we can also make exhibit design recommendations and even build custom enrichment items to suit your specific needs.

Our Packages


  • Get an outside perspective on your enrichment program
  • Virtual one-on-one meeting to discuss facilities current enrichment program 
  • Recommended enrichment items and program changes to address program concerns 
  • Staff training, seminars, build guides and exhibit design advice. 
  • Contact us for more information.


  • Hire Wild Enrichment as a member of your team!
  • Virtual one-on-one meetings to discuss facilities needs and goals 
  • Staff coaching, training and workshops
  • Get a complete and in-depth analysis of your enrichment program.
  • Facility-wide enrichment program recommendations 
  • Daily support to facilitate real change in animal welfare
  • Contact us, or visit our Patreon page to learn more.
Please note, these services are only offered for Zoos, Sanctuaries and Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres. For domestic animal services please check out our Domestic Animal Services page.

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