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We believe that all captive wildlife should have access to an environment that challenges them both physically and mentally while accentuating their unique natural history and behavioural biology. To aid animal care staff in doing this we have created a blog to showcase the best and most creative ways of implementing enrichment into their lives.

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The Benefits of Zoos and Aquariums

For today's post, I have decided to tackle the benefits of zoos and aquariums. I was prompted to write this ...
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Fox enrichment PVC

PVC Teeter Feeder

As you can see by my last few posts I've been on a bit of a PVC fix lately, just ...
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8 Of The Worlds Most Endangered Species

In the last article I wrote, we covered the benefits of zoos and aquariums and how they are helping protect ...
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Hemp Rope Scratching Post

A simple scratching post made out of hemp rope, great for shedding season! This is a really simple project that ...
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Tube Teeter-totter​

A PVC Tube Teeter-Totter for Small Mammal Enrichment The finished teeter-totter This simple PVC tube-teeter totter is ideal for many ...
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