Hanging Wood Cookie Feeder

Its been a little while since I’ve put out a build design, and I have a great one that I’m sure many of you will find very useful. Today we are going to be talking about a very versatile and relatively easy to build enrichment item, that also happens to look very cool since its made out of natural material. A wood cookie is simply a thin circle cut from a log, generally a few inches thick and they will be the main building component for this enrichment item. The wood cookie feeder can be used for any animal with decent dexterity, and can be scaled for larger animals using larger wood cookies.

Build Materials

  • 5 wood cookies about 4 inches in diameter and at least 2 inches thick
  • Airline cable or some other type of animal safe rope or cable
  • Crimping ties as well as a crimper
  • Drill
  • 1/2″ or larger drill bit
  • Sawsal or chainsaw (for larger projects)

Building Steps

  1. First you are going to select a log that is the correct diameter for the size of wood cookies you need for this project.
  2. Cut 5-6 wood cookies to the desired thickness.
  3. After you have cut your wood cookies, stack them up so that they fit without wobbling the best you can. This will allow you to drill a hole through the middle of the wood cookie so that you can put the cable through it.
  4. Drill a hole about the size of your cable through the middle of all of the wood cookies.
  5. Take the larger drill bit and make the holes that you can place the food items in, you can stager these in whatever configuration you want.
  6. Once the holes are all drilled, you can then cut the cable with a few inches of extra room on either side and thread it though the middle hole of the wood cookies.
  7. Crimp the cable at either end of the stack of wood cookies leaving a loop at one end so that the wood cookie feeder can be hung up if desired.
  8. Your all done! Take some time and smooth out the sides of the wood cookies if they are jagged and clean up extra saw dust.

Tips/ Comments

This feeder works great for small dry food items and insects like seeds and meal worms. Combine this with a zip line or creative placement to make it extra challenging and engaging.

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