Hanging Wooden Spool


This is another post that can be used to add to your Zip Line enrichment. This easy piece of enrichment requires almost no modification to a standard spool and can be very versatile when hung from a zip line.

Building Instructions/ Materials

  • Large wooden spool with a wooden core
  • Hemp rope or steel cable
  • Carabiner x2
  • Chain
  • Fire hose
  • Bolt cutters

Building Steps

  1.  First you are going to take your hemp rope and loop it through the already existing holes in the top of the spool, you want this to be tight as its going to be supporting the weight of the spool. You can also use steel cable for this if you want something more secure (follow the zip line post for more on steel cable)
  2. Once you have a secure loop tied to your spool you can attach the carabiner to the top of this loop.
  3. You then need to measure the height of the zip line or the place you are going to be hanging it. Using the bolt cutters, cut the length of chain needed.
  4. Once the chain is cut you can then cut the firehose to the same length as the chain (the addition of fire hose prevents the chain from tangling and makes it safe for the animals to handle). After you have cut it to length you can thread the chain through the fire hose.
  5. Attach the chain to the carabiner and you are ready to hang the spool!

Tips/ Comments 

You can use both “wheels” of the spool to hang food such as prey items, hay and fruit. It can be modified further with the use of eye hooks to hang more food items and toys with carabiners. This is an easy one and I hope it gets you thinking about how versatile spools can be! Stay tuned for more articles using spools in the future.


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