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Let’s make some animals happy!

There are a few ways you can contact me.

  1. Hire me. Check out our services page to see what Wild Enrichment can do for you!
  2. Let’s solve enrichment problems together. No one knows the animals under your care better then you do, but together, with my unique skill set and out of the box thinking style we may be able to come up with the perfect enrichment item you need for the animals under your care! Contact me at [email protected] or fill out the form below.
  3. If you wish to contribute to the site please submit:
    • As many pictures as you can of the enrichment item/ animals using the item
    • Details that went into building the enrichment item (materials, special instructions)
    • Any other information that we can include in the post

    Please submit this information to [email protected].

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  5. If you wish to contact us with questions, comments and feedback please fill out the form below.