Behavioural Husbandry Consulting

Pro Bono Consulting

Behavioural Husbandry is a continuously evolving and fascinating field of study that is really changing the way we view animal care it should be at the forefront of animal welfare planning.  Wild enrichment helps to take a new or existing Behavioural Husbandry program and elevate it to the next level.

How We Do It

Wild enrichment works with you and your team to develop a customized approach to asses and build upon an enrichment program. To do this we employ a variety of techniques:

  • Assessing the current level of enrichment being provided to an animal/ species both by staff and the exhibit
  • Creating a current baseline for the animal/species 
  • Establishing goals for particular animal/species with the help of staff and management  
  • Planning enrichment routine and exhibit modifications based on those goals 
  • Implementing strategies, new enrichment items and logistics to make sure those goals are reached

Not only does Wild Enrichment work with you to redesign your behavioural husbandry program but we can also help by making exhibit design recommendations and even build custom enrichment for an exhibit to really make it shine.

Why Choose Wild Enrichment?

  • A one-stop-shop for all things enrichment
  • Outside the box thinking
  • Inclusive of the staff that is taking care of the animals in question
  • Mindful of your recourse and time constraints while developing plans
  • Continuously working with you after the plan has been implemented to ensure its long term success