About Us

The goal of this blog is very simple: To provide information and resources to aid animal care staff and pet owners in providing enrichment to animals under their careAfter years of working in different animal care facilities I came to realize that its very hard to find new enrichment ideas for the animals I worked with. Id find myself scrolling through Pintrest and other social media platforms looking for ideas. And when I finally found these ideas, I found it very hard to actually figure out how to build the item, to solve this problem I started Wildenrichment.com. On this website you will find articles about a variety of enrichment items for a variety of different species. These articles will outline exactly how to make this enrichment item and the materials/ tools required to do so.


In order to find enrichment ideas you are looking for please use the search bar on the right of the page to search for specific key words such as “goat” or “balance beam” to find out how to build the item to the left. If you are just looking for ideas simply browse the blog page or pick specific categories at the bottom of the page.





About Me:

Kyle Banton-Jones

I am a zookeeper, farmer, animal lover and self proclaimed handyman. I have over 5 years experience working with exotic animals, over 15 years working with domestic animals such as horses and dogs and several years of construction/ maintenance work. The only thing I like more then caring for animals is creating enrichment items for animals that benefit them both physically and mentally. I created this site not only to spread my passion and ideas but the passion and ideas of other animal care professionals as well. With my experience/ skill set I have been able to create unique and species specific enrichment items for a variety of animals and I’d love to show you how you can do it to!