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Behavioural Husbandry Consulting

Full service Behavioural husbandry consulting for institutions large and small


Custom Enrichment Building

Unique enrichment for unique animals. Work with us to create the perfect enrichment item.


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Specialized hand built enrichment products to suit a variety of animals.



 Our Goals

Here at Wild Enrichment, our goal is simple: To provide resources and information that will benefit animal care staff in providing enrichment for the animals under their care. Animal Care professionals around the world are all faced with common problems when it comes to behavioural husbandry: Time restraints in their day to day routines preventing them from reaching the level of enrichment they wish to achieve, Not having the technical building know-how needed in order to make their enrichment dreams a reality, and a shortage of resources providing new ideas for enrichment. We want to solve these problems.


We want to solve these common behavioural husbandry problems by providing services and resources that provide animal care professionals and the facilities they work at the enrichment they need to make their behavioural husbandry dreams a reality. Wild Enrichment Provides Blog Articles, Consulting Services, and Custom Built Enrichment items that will benefit any behavioural husbandry and enrichment program and take it to the next level.

About Me:

Hi! I’m Kyle Banton-Jones,

I am a zookeeper, farmer, animal lover and self-proclaimed handyman. I have over 6 years of experience working with exotic animals, over 15 years working with domestic animals such as horses and dogs and several years of construction/ maintenance work. The only thing I like more than caring for animals is creating enrichment items for animals that benefit them both physically and mentally. I created this site not only to spread my passion and ideas but the passion and ideas of other animal care professionals as well. With my experience/ skill set I have been able to create unique and species-specific enrichment items for a variety of animals and I’d love to show you how you and your organization can do it too!